Privacy Policy

Rackulous takes information security very seriously. We only use data collected from you for legitimate business purposes.
We never sell your personally identifiable information to 3rd parties.

Data collected during the order process

Data collected during the order process (which you fill in), is used to enable us to supply services to you relating to VPS hosting. This data is used for billing and accounting purposes, fruad prevention (where you details are shared with MaxMind), as well as to get in touch with you due to issues which require your attention (e.g. support). When required by law or by our upstream service providers, we will also use your details to aid in fighting illegal or inappropriate activities.

IP Addresses

When accessing the Rackulous site, your IP address is logged for the sole purposes of fruad prevention and statistics gathering. Statistics gathering does not include the "profiling" of you as an indivudal, but means gathering a mere numerical identification of a non personally identifiable nature of web site performance. Regarding the IP address assigned to your VPS, we use this in our billing, gateway, firewall and routing systems. It is important to note that an IP address on its own does not identify you personally.


Cookies are used by our customer portal system to remember your login details so you do not have to enter your username and password on each page. We also use cookies to gather numerical statistics of a non personally identifiable nature for the sole purpose of monitoring web site performance. All cookies can be disabled in your web browser.

Finding out what information we store

For a small charge of £10, we are able to disclose full details of any information we store which can identify you personally. Please open a support ticket to make such a request.