EU Virtual Private Servers

Global Virtual Private Servers

Manage Your VPS

Manage Your VPS

Have total control by easily starting, stopping and rebooting your VPS.

Secure Your VPS

Secure Your VPS

Have complete peace of mind by using our upstream
firewall to secure your server from attackers.

Dedicated Servers

Reliable Network

  • Cisco Based Network Backbone.
  • Full Gigabit Access Network.
  • Fast RAID10 Disk Arrays.
  • Diverse Fibre Network Links.
  • Excellent Worldwide Peering Agreements.
  • Native IPv6 Routing.
Managed Servers

Managed Services

  • Custom Hosting Solutions.
  • Traffic Load Balancing Services.
  • Private VLAN Services.
  • Managed VPN Solutions.
  • Experinced Engineers

Server Spectaculous...

Tired of old, slow hosting companies that just simply don't understand you? Do you crave to have your own freedom? Here at Rackulous, we understand you.

We know that you want your own box with a fast internet connection, without paying too much.

With Rackulous, you get your very own Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you can use just like you would a dedicated server! You get full root access, fast and secure RAID disk storage, redundant bandwidth, as well as friendly support. All hosted from a secure UK or Germany datacentre - the choice is yours!

We think you'll love us.

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